Saturday, December 17, 2016


I craved popcorn more than anything else while I was pregnant with Scotlyn. I ate a bag or two a day and sometimes that was all I ate, especially in the beginning.

Every time we had an ultrasound of her, her fists were punching - Pop! Pop! Pop!

(Let me at that camera!)

And when she came out, there was a twinkle popping out in her eyes that just won't quit - Pop!Pop!Pop!

(Can you see my twinkle, guys? Can you?)

Most of the time she's either chill, as in movie, popcorn and chill. 

 (Most of the time her drool won't quit either.)

Or she's shyly smiling, giggling and squealing, like she's in a perpetual sleepover - sharing secrets and eating popcorn all night.

(Did someone say sleepover?)

Sometimes I call her Pops or ScottyPoppyPie.
She makes my heart warm and buttery, constantly popping with love.

Happy Six Months, Pops! We love you!

And in case you were wondering how this photo shoot really went...

Hmm(mischievously twiddling her fingers), what can I do with all of this popcorn?

Wait, they're changing my position...

What the deuce is poking me all over?

Pick me up now, or I'll throw this popcorn in your face.

I'm warning it comes...

Shoot. They called my bluff.

Maybe if I toot they'll pick me up?

Why are you not picking me up?!

Maybe I can stare them down.

Daddy? I know you'll pick me up.

Et tu, Brute?

Maybe if I just give them a polite smile, then can we be done?

Pick me up or it's about to get CRAZY up in here!

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Alison said...

Beautiful Scotlyn, love you!