Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Favorite Moments of Nashville Thanksgiving

Toothbrush parties in the kitchen.

Kelly spearheading the making of the pies.

The Ultimate Crust Off to see who could mix the best crust.

Lukas's intense and intimidating batter face.

Discovering that first base is THE best place for baseball candids.

Runaway Babies

Attempting to do photo shoots with babies who were afraid of big black cameras.

Loving, Turkey/Salt Massages

Discovering the secret to good gravy: double hand whisk.

Introducing Word Bubbles to its two newest addicts.
(And of course, having SLC Thanksgiving challenge Nashville Thanksgiving to a Word Bubbles Duel.)

Becoming piano models.

Any moment spent with brown sugar.


Chaquita Banana Stickers and Paper Pi Hats


Kid History Parties

Synchronized Air Mattress Dances


Lil M said...

Okay I never would have issued the Word Bubbles challenge if I knew you guys had that many people there.

Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

Did we ever decide on a favorite crust?

Ashley said...

I think it was yours :)